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Here's a curated list of my best hand-drawn sketchnotes on some of the amazing books, popular blog posts and inspirational TED talks.

What are Sketchnotes?

Sketchnotes are a great way to visually learn, understand and communicate a concept or an idea. It helps you to gain clarity, enhance comprehension and amplify understanding.

Sketchnotes on Sketchnoting

The ebook also includes a separate section on 'Sketchnotes on Sketchnoting'. There you can learn more about how to sketchnotes and even try your hands at making visuals notes of your own.

The ebook includes a bonus tutorial section on 'Sketchnotes on Sketchnoting'. It includes :

1) Sketchnotes on why you should sketchnote and doodle

2) Sketchnotes on how to sketchnotes: 5 step process

3) Sketchnotes on uses of sketchnoting and visual notes

Side note: 

Please pardon the lack of uniformity in the page sizes. As the sketchnotes were hand-drawn & scanned later, the page sizes aren't as uniform as I wanted it to be. However, each of the sketchnote itself is clear and easily readable. Hope you enjoy it!


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Here's the long-form version of the pitch!

A walk through of what is in the book!

A. Sketchnoting

Sketchnoting about Sketchnoting: What is Sketchnoting?

  • Various forms of taking notes: Bullet points, Cornell notes, Mind maps, Sketchnotes
  • Sketchnotes layouts: Mindmap, Grid, Box, Flow
  • Lessons from Eva Lotta-Lamm
  • Lessons on Mind mapping
  • Why Sketchnote? (pg. no.24)
    • First, as a method to learn
    • Second, as a method to share, communicate & teach

B. Sketchnote Summaries

Source: Ed Latimore, Alex/ Mental Models, LifeMathMoney, TED Talks

Has links to the original resources for your reference

  • Mind map of TED Talk on Mindmap
  • 10 Mental Models
  • TED Talk by Susan Cain
  • I did a sketchnote for one of the articles by Ed Latimore & LMM

C. Creative Journey

  • My Creative Journey - Sketchnote pg. no. 40
  • Sketchnote - An autobiography: pg. no. 43

So, that's that!

Hope you will enjoy it!

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Sathya's Sketchnotes

8 ratings
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